Monday, December 30, 2013

Winter Playlist

Here is a list of what I listen to when I'm drinking coffee in the morning by the fire while watching my favorite movie, Love Actually, and making Polyvore sets! (Hopefully it's snowing outside as well to make the atmosphere even more perfect.) 
Music is one of my favorite things ever, besides fashion, and I love making playlists that mix old music with new music. My favorite "old" song on this list is Wild Horses by the Rolling Stones, I never get tired of it. My favorite "new" song here is definitely Cold Coffee by Ed Sheeran, I love listening to his lyrics.

Some other songs that aren't included on this list that I love for winter are:
Little Things by One Direction
Chocolate by The 1975
Skinny Love by Bon Iver
Who You Are by Ed Sheeran (cover)
Your Song by Elton John
Imagine by John Lennon

Here is some comfy fashion inspiration (a.k.a. my attire when blogging) :)

Much love xxx Nina

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