Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Essentials

Christmas is getting closer and closer... four days now! I have made a little set, pictured above, of the things I need every Christmas.
  1. Ornaments (I have a box of my own)
  2. Stockings (My relative hand knit me one that is perfect)
  3. Christmassy mugs (My favorite is my Santa one)
  4. Advent calendar (My mom knit one of mittens and we fill them with Lindt)
  5. Gingerbread houses (So much fun to make and decorate!)
  6. Candy canes (To hang on the tree and stir in hot chocolate)
  7. Fairy lights (Makes everything so twinkly and bright and fun :) I just love lights)
  8. Wreath (Love decorating these)
  9. Christmassy wrapping/boxes (Fun wrapping just makes everything so festive!)
  10. Christmas cookies (I'm a baker at heart)
  11. Starbucks Christmas coffee (Duh)
  12. Christmas jumpers (Topshop ones are killing me this season!)
  13. Angel decorations (We put ours on top of the tree)
  14. Nativity (One where you can play with the pieces!)
  15. Santa hat (To wear on Christmas day)
  16. Christmas music (To listen to while opening up presents)
  17. Poinsettia (My favorite plant ever really)
  18. Christmas tree (Obviously... my favorite part about Christmas!
Much love and happy holidays xxx Nina

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