Friday, February 28, 2014


Blouse: H&M / Skirt: H&M / Jacket: Topshop / Shoes: Topshop / Tights: Zara

This skirt is my most worn skirt in my closet right now. It holds its shape perfectly and goes perfectly with any blouse! It's making me want to expand my blouse collection... Zara sales please come soon!

It was pouring snow while I took these pictures, and I probably chose the worst possible shoes to wear. When I was walking to the car I had to tip toe around slush so I wouldn't ruin the gorgeous leather. No worries, they are still as good as new :)

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Much love xxx Nina

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tartan & Topshop

Blouse: H&M / Trousers: H&M / Jacket: Topshop / Shoes: Topshop / Bag: Forever21

This outfit is something that I would wear out or to work. I've found out that my Forever21 bag can hold my laptop (barely), so I'll definitely be using it in the summer and maybe when school starts to wind down, and I don't need to lug my binders to school everyday.

I decided to include a subtle pop of print and color in this outfit with my H&M tartan trousers. On the website they looked very bright and loud, but in reality they are a beautiful jewel tone!

Note: Pardon the tilted photography... Patrick Demarchelier (aka my Dad) decided to try something new :)

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Much love xxx Nina

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Polka Dots & Parkas


Dress: Zara / Coat: Topshop / Shoes: Topshop / Tights: Zara

This outfit is definitely inspired by my favorite YouTuber: Zoella. I saw her wear this parka and this dress in several of her videos, and I knew that I just had to have them!

To add a bit of my 'flair' to the outfit, I wore my studded tights and Topshop Kelso shoes. I've discovered that the top buckle on my right shoe keeps moving to the front and won't stay in place... Anyone else have that problem?

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Much love xxx Nina

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Kate Moss and some Statement Coats

Coat: Zara / Sweater: DIY / Trousers: Zara / Shoes: Topshop / Bag: Forever21

It seems that I can't stop wearing this coat... It's such a stand out piece, and I always get compliments on it when I wear it out! Today I teamed it with my favorite Kate Moss and Some Pizza Slices DIY sweater, Zara leather pants, and, of course, my Topshop Kelso shoes.

My Forever21 bag has been so amazing, it goes with everything. I was worried about the quality of Forever21 bags, but I quickly became a believer as soon as I got Etienne (yes... I named my bag Etienne) in my hands.

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Much love xxx Nina

Friday, February 7, 2014

Blanc et Noir

Pinafore: ASOS / Blouse: H&M / Tights: Zara / Shoes: Topshop

Sorry I am posting this so late! I went to the gym straight after school for a few hours then rushed home for dinner and the opening ceremonies of the Olympics!

Decided to keep a black and white theme with this OOTD, and you may notice my post title is in French... Well I'm going to Paris in less than a week! I'll take tons of pictures and update my Instagram as much as possible. I will also hopefully be doing a post about what I'm packing, then when I get back a post about my experience.

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Much love xxx Nina

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Leather Tee

Top: Piper Gore / Skirt: Romwe / Shoes: Topshop / Tights: Zara

I haven't worn my velvet skirt as much as I want to lately, so I decided to pair it with my leather top, Zara tights, and new Topshop shoes! Needless to say I was freezing, but I could easily throw my Topshop parka over this and be super warm.

Warning, my Topshop Kelsos are going to be worn a LOT. They seem to go with everything and are surprisingly comfortable. I haven't needed to break them in at all!

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Much love xxx Nina

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January Favorites

It's a new month, and that means a new monthly favorites post! In January, it got a lot colder with the polar vortex, and that's probably why my Polyvore sets have been having a spring/summer vibe. Above are some of my most used/favorite items so far.

I've noticed that my sets have had a lot more prints and patterns that usual, especially animal prints. Zara's snakeskin print blouse has been is so many of my sets. I especially love mixing prints now. Below is one of my favorite sets that I've made. Though it may be a little bit bold, having a more muted color palette helps.

I"ve also been loving fedoras! They are proof that accessories can transform any outfit. Rag & Bone and Saint Laurent have my favorites, but if you're looking for a cheaper alternative, H&M, Topshop, and River Island have the same style for a lot less.

Here is something that I would wear with my favorite Rag & Bone fedora for a summer's day out.

It's also no surprise that I still love leather. Here are a few looks on how to transition leather shorts from winter to summer.

Another great transition piece from winter to summer are monk oxfords. The black and white ones (which are unfortunately sold out) by Kurt Geiger can be worn in any season. I'd keep up the black and white monochrome theme for the colder months, then add a pop of color with a beautiful dress when spring comes along.

Last is transition evening out looks. For winter, boyfriend jeans and heels were a must for me. For summer, I like to break out sheer paneled blouses and leather skirts!

I hope you enjoyed this (lengthy) January favorites post!

Much love xxx Nina

Monday, February 3, 2014

Check Mate

Coat: Zara / Jumpsuit: Topshop / Shoes: Topshop

This outfit is definitely one to be repeated many, many times. I layered my favorite Zara coat over a simple Topshop jumpsuit, then teamed that combo with my new black and white Topshop Kelsos.

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Much love xxx Nina