Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Outside your comfort zone...

Lately I've been trying to get outside of my comfort zone and wear things that I wouldn't normally be comfortable wearing to school. For example, the day I wore my long Topshop dungarees, I was terrified and contemplated changing every five minutes before I left for school. I was scared I would be harassed and called a farmer (though I came up with a sassy comeback: be glad I don't have my pitchfork right now) The day I wore my H&M booties, I was scared to be shamed for wearing such high heels. My leather dungarees, what if I was called a dominatrix? My pinafores, what if I was dubbed a little girl? My Kate Moss sweater, what if people laughed at the phrase and refused to understand? Sometimes all it takes is five seconds of embarrassing courage to step through those school doors, put on a smile, and realize that you love what you're wearing and feel amazing. It doesn't matter what other people think or do. They can wear their Uggs and sweatpants all day while you look super fabulous in heels and dungarees. Being young is all about experimenting with your style and having fun while your doing it. How can you have fun if you keep on worrying about what other people think? So chin up girl! Wear those heels! Wear those dungarees! If you love it, wear it. The best accessory with every outfit is a smile, as cheesy as it sounds (pardon that pun). You can make every outfit look amazing if your confident. And remember what Oscar de la Renta says, walk like you have three guys walking behind you :)
Much love xxx Nina

I've put together some sets on how I will continue to go out of my comfort zone and try new things.

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