Sunday, October 20, 2013

About Me!

I decided to make a little post with some random facts about me so you all could get to know me better! Here it goes...

1. I have an older brother
2. I have a really old dog that we adopted named Missy (I got her in 4th grade!)
3. Before getting into fashion I wanted to be an equestrian and took lots of horseback riding lessons
4. I made my first fashion blog as a sophomore in high school (it was bad... my style has changed so much!)
5. I have a slight obsession with Starbucks...
6. I love watching Project Runway and America's Next Top Model! (sometimes with my mom :P)
7. I subscribe to Lucky Magazine, Teen Vogue, and Vogue, and also get the NY Times Style magazine
8. I check and Topshop's new-ins everyday
9. I was born a ginger
10. I'm really short and probably have stopped growing (I get teased about it too but I love being short!)
11. I love art and have dozens of sketchbooks that I can never fill up
12. If I wasn't so into fashion, I would probably be a history teacher (I had an internship at a history museum and loved it!)
13. Because I have an older brother, my parents got me into sports. I used to play soccer and softball but I quit after a couple days (sorry Mom and Dad)
14. I have played tennis since I was three! (My favorite sport ever)
15. My perfect day is when I make myself tea or get Starbucks and do yoga while blogging (I multitask...)
16. My dad's music taste rubbed off on me and I love 60s classic rock bands (along with Ed Sheeran, Bon Hiver, Birdy, and Lorde)
17. I love mac and cheese more than life itself (I make it homemade with breadcrumbs hehe)
18. I played violin for 3 days (my teacher was mean)
19. I love to bake pastries and desserts and have started to invent my own recipes
20. I am Italian and therefore I am a total foodie (thanks Mom)
21. My favorite designer is probably Balenciaga or Givenchy (I love both their jackets, bags, and shoes)
22. I shop at Zara the most, as you can see through my OOTDs
23. I can't whistle
24. I have never been out of the country except to the Caribbean, but my dream is to travel the world
25. I have been speaking French for over seven years and I am near fluent

Much love xxx Nina

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