Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Virtual Dreams

Here are some items that I've been coveting these past few weeks and have made frequent appearances in my Polyvore sets. It's very fun to go through my sets and see which items that I use over and over again, but also go through my items and search for hidden items that I should be using more often! Styles come back and go away, and you never know if pieces that you thought you hated will seem amazing in a few months. It's a great way to shop too - all your favorite items are in one place! You can compare them in draft sets and go directly to the item's website. (Plus Polyvore emails you when the items you like are on sale!)

These items below are just a few of the many that I hope to purchase or search for less expensive similars. My top two are definitely the ASOS leather look (hehe blog name) playsuit and Zara mini city bag. They go perfectly together too!

If only every item you like on Polyvore magically appeared in your closet... But for now, I will have to stick to using Polyvore as my virtual dream closet.

Much love xxx Nina

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