Wednesday, March 26, 2014

City Tees

Sorry I haven't posted very often this month! I've been super busy with schoolwork and I just started playing tennis for my school team so I haven't had much time to sit down and write out a full blog post or take any OOTD pictures. Hopefully I will get back on track and shoot some outfits this weekend for you all. I need the snow to melt first though so I can show off my new gladiator heeled sandals :)

I've been focusing on Polyvore lately in my spare time opposed to blogging, and I have found out that I love graphic tees with the names of famous cities on them - Paris, New York, Berlin, Milan, London... Maybe it's because I have extreme wanderlust or I'm ready for t-shirt weather! Whatever it is, here are some outfits that I've compiled with some of my favorite city tees. I pair them with dungarees or fun shorts and heeled sandals and slip ons mostly, plus a great pair of sunnies. Spring can't come soon enough!

Much love xxx Nina

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