Saturday, November 23, 2013


I recently got a request to do my airport essentials, and as a person with extreme wanderlust, I took up the challenge!

1. Large bag (to carry everything... including lots of bubblegum)
2. Phone or Tablet (to stay connected and entertained)
3. Headphones (I don't know what I would do without music)
4. Wallet (to buy Starbucks and carry my passport)
5. Reading Material (because sometimes we need to disconnect)
6. Starbucks (self explanatory)
7. Journal (to write down your travel memories)
8. Macbook (so I can blog)
9. Sunnies (so people won't see the bags under my eyes)
10. Beanie (when does one not need a beanie?)
11. Scarf (it gets chilly on the flight)
12. Comfy clothes (so I can curl up)
13. Sleeping mask (to let people know I do not want to be disturbed :P)

Here are some places that I hope my wanderlust will take me!




Where do you want to go?
Much love xxx Nina

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