Monday, November 4, 2013

Style Evolution

Lately, I've noticed a great change in my Polyvore sets. I've watched them become more sophisticated and grown up in my eyes, and I'm very proud of that. I've moved away from the skinny jeans, converse, and leather cap that were staples a month ago. Though I still use these items, I style them completely different and don't use them as often. It's made me think about how much my style has changed throughout my life. I can't help but remember the flared bell bottom jeans and bell sleeved lace blouse I so adored in the 4th grade. Then in 6th grade, it was all about the multicolored coordinated outfits that I would wear over and over again. And just last year, I remember wearing tons of statement necklaces, blouses under sweaters, and cowboy style ankle booties. Oh how the times have changed. Here are just a few of many sets showing what my style currently is and check my Polyvore to see its further evolution!
Much love xxx Nina

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