Monday, January 12, 2015


I know I haven't blogged since last year (hahaha New Years puns...), and I'm so sorry. My blogging schedule was completely forgotten and I'm very upset with myself. But I realized that a blogging schedule isn't the best for me.

I will blog what I want when I want.

Inspiration comes to me at such strange times, and I have started keeping a bullet journal in my Moleskine to keep notes. Today I got inspired to give this blog a little makeover. I love blogging about fashion, but I feel like I need to expand my horizons.

I want to make The Leather Look less of a fashion blog and more of a lifestyle blog, while still keeping the fashion aspect of course. I will blog about travel, cooking, fashion and random inspirations I find along the way! I don't want to feel restricted in what I post, so I'll just post anything I want to share with all you lovelies :)

Talk to you soon,

Much love xxx Nina

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